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The West African eUniversity Project

Integrated Open Source Software solutions to administrate universities, colleges or schools online at a reasonable price

WAeUP is a Nigerian-German cooperation initially founded in 2005 by Broadband Technologies (Lagos, Nigeria), Netplux (Accra, Ghana), Scientific African e.V. (Luechow, Germany) and freelance programmers from Germany with a focus on the development of Open Source web solutions.

The Internet portals (commonly referred to as e-campus portals, campus management systems or student information systems), provided and hosted by the WAeUP Group, do enable the schools to undertake the following administrative and academic functions online:

  • student application, admission, clearance and matriculation
  • payment of school fees
  • course registration
  • printing of transcripts
  • reservation of school facilities (e.g. accomodation booking, gown hiring)
  • sale of lecture notes
  • content and document management for research and education
  • course management and e-learning
  • e-journal publishing
  • website content management

The WAeUP Group is hosting the following Student Management Systems (Kofa):